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Hello Friends,

Do you often have to pause and make a conscious effort to include more balance in your life?  I do.

When I am in the process of writing a book, my work becomes all encompassing.  For 14 ½ months I focused on nothing but my historical novel, A Hobo’s Wish, was just released November 15th. My back complained about too many hours at my computer. My wrists screamed, carpel tunnel. I gained weight and lost strength from lack of exercise.

I neglected friends and family.

Too few cards and letters sent, too few phone conversations, not enough lunches and entertaining. Can any of you identify with that?

After I sent my completed manuscript to my literary agent, I took a deep breath and realized I needed to put more balance into my life. Even when I’m not writing, it’s difficult to find enough time to keep in contact with everyone I wish to see and visit.

Therefore, I have decided to join the vast sea of bloggers in an attempt to have more interaction with others.

My blog will include hints for saving time and money, uncluttering your life, finding your true purpose, writing, speaking, faith, good book recommendations, and whatever else comes to mind. Periodically I will feature interesting guest bloggers.

In return, I invite you to ask questions and share what you know.

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Blessings for a Simpler Life,

Connie Lounsbury

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