Unfinished Projects

Do you have unfinished projects? You know what I mean – that unfinished quilt, the sweater you started knitting last winter, the book you started writing that sits in a drawer. There they are, out of sight, but always in the back of your mind like that English teacher wagging her finger at you, “I’m still waiting for that report.”

          After a day of writing, it is relaxing for me to do needlework in the evenings. But I admit to having lots of UFOs. What can I say — I’m a Gemini so my interests are many? I get so excited about the next project that I must put aside what I’m working on (temporarily) so I can start on the next project that I just can’t wait to begin. Oh, I always finish the first project – eventually! And what a wonderful feeling it is to finally complete a huge project!

          This week I feel such a sweet sense of satisfaction for finishing an embroidered afghan that I had started decades ago. No kidding! I bought the kit and began embroidering on it at least 20 years ago — or more. It got pushed to the back as I made too many quilts to count, several woolen braided rugs, lots of beaded angels, gift bags of all sizes, and various greeting cards.

            I love to do hand-embroidery, and this was a needlecraft kit by Paragon company. The wool/nylon afghan was stamped with flowers all-over floral designs. The kit included various yarns and embroidery floss. I added a blue yarn for the fringe.

            My beautiful afghan is now ready to display and to keep my legs warm as I read in the evenings., But I can’t remember the date that I bought the kit and I keep wondering about it. Have any of you readers embroidered this afghan? If so, I would much appreciate knowing when you bought your kit. It is no longer available for sale. I’m sure none of you took this long to finish it.

          Please send me an email and tell me about your experience and what year you did yours. And, would you do me another favor, please? If you have read my book Fatal Flaws, will you please go to www.Amazon.com/Connie Lounsbury/Fatal Flaws  and leave a review? My goal is to reach 100 reviews before I submit my next book to my publisher, and I have a long way to go.

          As always, I appreciate your support and enjoy hearing from you.

Recent email: Hi Connie – I just finished your book. LOVE the ending—omigosh had tears in my eyes. Really a wonderful book. I wrote a review on Amazon – hope I did it correctly.

Pattie Roggenkamp

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Fatal Flaws, Based on a true story.

The poignant tale of a mother’s love amid unfathomable circumstances.

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