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“Thrift Store Shoes shares a poignant glimpse into one woman’s inspirational journey from when she first accepted Christ into her heart to today, as her life continues in God’s grace-and demonstrates that, no matter what, God is always with us.”


Author Connie Lounsbury admits that, at times, she has been slow to listen to how God wants her to live. Now immersed in the third act of her life, she shares her blessings, mistakes, and the secret she carried during her childhood as she learned to hear God’s voice—even in the most difficult times.

Lounsbury begins her story in 1950 on a frigid morning in


rural Minnesota when, at just nine years old, she was terrified to hear her father shout, “The house is on fire!” Her father was able to save just a few items before their house burned down. He had no insurance or job, and so life was not easy for the family. As Lounsbury details her journey through childhood and the years beyond, she illustrates the importance of God’s presence during challenging times, of teaching children about God, and of living a faith-filled life. From remaking cast-off clothing to buying shoes in thrift stores, Lounsbury shares how her family somehow survived—and even thrived—by relying on love, faith, and a fierce determination to persevere despite many obstacles.

Thrift Store Shoes shares a poignant glimpse into one woman’s inspirational journey from when she first accepted Christ into her heart to today, as her life continues in God’s grace—and demonstrates that, no matter what, God is always with us.

  • Faith, Hardships and Minnesota HistoryFaith, Hardships and Minnesota HistoryDataherder

    Thrift Store Shoes gave me a glimpse of a part of Minnesota life I never knew: the hardships of extreme rural poverty. It is also a story of riches: of family members caring for each other against all odds, the innocence of youth, and especially the gift of faith given to a young girl in the nick of time to carry her through fiery trials. I will especially enjoy sharing this with elderly friends from farming backgrounds because they will recognize so many of the details of rural life in a bygone era.

  • Insight for Every Day LivingInsight for Every Day LivingW. Terry Whalin

    Through the pages of THRIFT STORE SHOES, Connie Lounsbury shows the reader that they can grow and learn from every life experience. Her early years in Minnesota were challenging with many twists and turns through her journey.

    This memoir gives us a fascinating insight into her experiences and how every positive and negative experience helps us become who we are as an individual. The writing is fascinating and each chapter will hold your attention. Toward the end of the book, Connie is ill and spends seven days in the hospital. As she exits the hospital, she writes, "I went home to my beloved David--humble, grateful and determined to trust God with my life. It was as if God was saying with a wink, 'Don't forget what you've learned now, Connie.' I hope I never do." (Page 230)

    I enjoyed this story and recommend it.

  • I Looked Forward to Reading Every PageI Looked Forward to Reading Every PageMary F. Heitzman

    Why read THRIFT STORE SHOES, the memoir by Connie Lounsbury? Because you're going to see yourself in there somewhere. As Connie reminisces, wonders, pines, takes charge, tries, fails, and tries again you'll find a friend--someone you can identify with. What Connie's story is not: Not a "poor me" account of every negative event in her life, but an attitude of observing, learning, changing and growing. If you've lived several decades, THRIFT STORE SHOES is a wonderful memory jogger of your own life. If you have several decades yet to look forward to, THRIFT STORE SHOES is a social history of a bygone era. I looked forward to reading every page. Finishing Connie's story is like losing touch with an old friend--you're going to miss her, but the dance of friendship makes it all worthwhile.

  • enjoyed reading the book since it was about family.

  • I think it is a very good read, hence the five stars.I think it is a very good read, hence the five stars.Mike

    This book was recommended to me by my wife. It is an autobiographical story of a woman growing up poor in 1950s Minnesota, having to move constantly, being the new kid in school and her relationships with family and friends. As the oldest girl in the family, her only brother is two years older, she was always taking care of her three younger sisters and in her words, "I felt more like a mother than a child." We see her life's story unfold following her life from childhood to an adult with grown children and grandchildren.

    Her father is changing jobs often, but seems to always have some sort of job. He changes jobs not because he is afraid of work but rather relationship problems and unhappiness about his menial jobs. He does not seem able to get decent work, due probably to his lack of qualifications. He is distant to her and seldom talks to her. His remoteness is probably from the way he grew up. The story of his childhood is worthy of a book itself. When she wants or needs something she always goes to her mother. I think her mother was very shy and insecure around other people and embarrassed about her families poverty.

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  • Every person on the planet has a story, and …Chris Marlow, Marketing Tutor

    Every person on the planet has a story, and those who have lived a full life have much to share. Even so, it still takes a talented writer to share a life story and make it a thoroughly enjoyable read. In this story Connie Lounsbury reveals herself and the people and circumstances in her life with honestly, candor, and compassion. In a day and time when "anything goes" is the cultural climate, it's refreshing to read a story from a woman who walks with God but is also not afraid to show what it takes to survive in this world.

  • A little gem among memoirs. Easy to read and insightful.A little gem among memoirs. Easy to read and insightful.Dusty

    Connie's book was such a pleasant surprise. I love memoirs and journals, and have a special affection of course for those that touch on communities where I have lived. I pick up memoirs sold in gas stations and museums in tiny towns, the sort printed on cheap paper with bad bindings, usually poorly written, yet each with its own charm, and always with meaningful information and insight. I met Connie's daughter while walking my dog, learned about her books, and promptly ordered this one. I did not expect it to be well written, nor to be something of a page turner—it is both. Connie writes frankly about her flaws and proudly of her accomplishments. I related to her somewhat unstable childhood and the affects that it had on adulthood and to the often conflicting emotions about her mother. Her walk with God has given me hope for my own belated, foot-dragging walk and she motivated me to re-focus my similarly foot-dragging writing efforts. Four stars because as a writing effort it is not perfect, but a five star effort when it comes to opening her heart to her readers and sharing her wisdom. Buy the book.

Book Details

Publisher: Inspiring Voices
Publication Date: January 9, 2012
Pages: 268, Paper
ISBN-10: 1462400361
ISBN-13: 978-1462400362
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.7 x 8.5 inches

Thrift Store Shoes: A Memoir

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Author, Connie Lounsbury

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