“When you chat with Connie Lounsbury, you feel her warmth. And when you listen to her presentations you’re drawn into her stories. Her pleasant speaking voice is the perfect complement to her personable, yet professional, manner. I love her conversational way of teaching and guiding that puts her audience at ease as she weaves practical writing tips into seminar lessons.
—MARY FRAN HEITZMAN, co-author, Starting From Scratch When You’re Single Again and President, Minnesota Christian Writer’s Guild


Speaking Topics

Hobos of the Great Depression

“Hobos of the Great Depression” is a 45-minute educational and entertaining presentation targeted toward teens and adults of all ages. Connie did an enormous amount of research on the depression era, hobos, and the CCC camps for her latest historical novel, “A Hobo’s Wish.” Consequently, she has much more to share than what she put into the novel. Come enjoy the music and the scene, and hear about an important time in the history of our country. Perfect for libraries, historical centers, and schools.

How God Speaks To Ordinary People

Connie shares how she and others have heard God speak to them. She loves to see people excited about their faith, drawing closer to God as they learn more about Him.

How to Write Your Life Story

Writing your life story is one of Connie’s favorite writing topics. This workshop can be a one-hour presentation with a Q&A, a morning or afternoon class, or can be structured to a retreat format.

Who’s Controlling Your Life?

While growing up, Connie learned that it is good to be in control, but when faced with an illness she believed would take her life, she learned that she is not always in control. Connie talks about growing up in poverty and how it has affected her life and her faith.

Customized Topics

Customize a topic that Connie offers or tell her what you would like her to address and she can put together a new presentation just for your group.

Connie’s motto is “Have Car, Will Travel”
Connie Lounsbury at Speaking EngagementConnie Lounsbury is available to speak on many subjects. Her talks are received with enthusiasm and warmth. Connie speaks across the country. Contact her to propose a topic for your conference, seminar or gathering, or to find out more about the topics below. She is a trained member of Toastmaster’s International.

Author, Connie Lounsbury

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