Connie-speakerConnie Lounsbury works full-time as a writer, editor, instructor, ghostwriter/collaborator, and speaker.

She has edited and collaborated with many clients to produce manuscripts and book proposals that are ready for submission to agents, editors, and publishers. Connie is always happy to discuss your needs. Reasonable rates.

Connie serves as a coach for writers who need advice on writing a book proposal and preparing pitch sheets for a writer’s conference. She assists writers with marketing to agents and editors, and advises them on marketing books after publication. She has also judged several multi-state writing contests.

What folks are saying…

  • Connie is a word artist with a rich palette of colors.Connie is a word artist with a rich palette of colors.

    “Connie is a word artist with a rich palette of colors. Whether writing her own prize-winning stories, collaborating, ghostwriting, editing, or teaching proven principles to help others write their stories and books, she is an accomplished master utilizing years of highly-qualified experience. She is gifted at focusing her skills to benefit individuals or groups in a variety of ways.”

    Author of Whoosh

    Adjunct Professor, Northwestern and Maranatha Colleges

  • Connie’s attention to detail along with her professionalism helped…Connie’s attention to detail along with her professionalism helped…

    “Connie’s attention to detail along with her professionalism helped turn my manuscript from a bunch of jumbled thoughts to a novel that I’m proud to submit to agents and publishers.”

    Broadcast Media Coordinator, Iowa Lakes Community College
    Estherville, Iowa

  • I am delighted to recommend herI am delighted to recommend her

    “Connie Lounsbury has a broad base of editing skills. She has an eye for consistent detail, smooth-flowing sentences and narrative, fine points of grammar and sentence structure, and superior proofreading skills. I am grateful for her help in my writing. I am delighted to recommend her."

    Author of Beyond Those Hills and Beyond The Storm
    2004 Writer of the Year, Write to Publish Conference


Author, Connie Lounsbury

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