Road to Joy

Windshield view of Connie driving car

My heart pulsated with joy! I felt like flying and had to curb my foot on the accelerator as I sped along Highway 25. I could hardly believe the joy I felt! For a month I had been trying to find more joy in my life. And now I felt enormous joy in just knowing that I was going to an antique store to look for embellishments for the Victorian crazy quilt I am making. Talk about crazy. How crazy is that??

Kate's quilt

As I tried to analyze why I would feel such joy about this little shopping trip, I realized that I was being affected more than I thought by this pandemic. I have continued my work of writing in my home office, and I have started making a new quilt as a passionate hobby that takes a lot of time, so I have not suffered from the confinement as much as so many others do. Yet, I haven’t seen my 7-month-old great-granddaughter since she was born because of fear of contracting the virus. I don’t attend Bible Study for fear of the virus. I don’t attend church for the same reason. I carefully, and quickly, shop for groceries only when necessary. I don’t invite guests, nor do I visit anyone.

Therefore, allowing myself a fun outing is something that I have not done in almost a year. Two different magazines to which I subscribe have recently talked about the necessity of play in our lives. Going to the antique shop is play, I realized. No wonder this gives me joy.

So, dear friends, if you have been denying yourself play time, and you find yourself lacking the joy you usually feel, as I was, it may just be a lack of fun in your life. Go, play.

Someday soon, we can hope, the virus will be conquered. Then, our spirits will not be so bereft, and reading a good book will once again be enough to give us joy.

Speaking about books, check out the Valentine’s Day sale of my book A Hobo’s Wish.

This is a “feel good” book to lift your spirits for only 99 cents for a limited time. And remember that I love to hear from my readers, so send me a message about your response to A Hobo’s Wish, or whatever else is on your mind. I will respond to you promptly. God’s blessings to you.

Author, Connie Lounsbury

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