New Book Released – Fatal Flaws Based on a true story

Fatal Flaws Book Cover - Connie Lounsbury

Fatal Flaws – Connie Lounsbury

Fact is sometimes stranger than fiction. I write fiction and memoir, both telling the stories of life. When I wrote Kathleen Creek, it was the story of my grandmother’s life told in both fiction and nonfiction because I had never met my grandmother, but only discovered the truth of what happened after my father had died. With nothing but an old court file and my aunt’s memories, I wove true events into a novel that will have the reader sobbing in sorrow until they cry in joy at how God weaves goodness into our lives for those who believe.

Now, years later, the publisher of Kathleen Creek went out of business, making my book “out of print.” I regained my rights to this widely acclaimed book with the stipulation that I cannot use the same cover or title. Therefore, Fatal Flaws, just released, is now the new Kathleen Creek. My intent is not to deceive anyone, so we have made it as clear as possible to anyone wishing to purchase Fatal Flaws that it had previously been published as Kathleen Creek.

So, dear readers, if you have not read this poignant story of my grandmother’s love during unfathomable circumstances that deeply impacted my father’s entire life, you may want to obtain a copy of Fatal Flaws, available in both print and ebooks. It includes love and hate, music and dancing, adultery, kidnapping, murder, and God’s blessings. Remember, while it is highly fictionalized, what happened to Irene, really did happen. The “what” of the story is true. I created the “why,” “how,” and “when.”

And here’s a little tidbit you might like to know: I found photographs of my vision of what all the main characters would have looked like, and I taped them to a large mirror on my office wall, so I could look at each character as I wrote about them.

My “Tommy” character is a picture I loved looking at. It was a photo of Brad Pitt!!

Send me an email or text me about what you thought of the book when you are through reading it. I love to hear from my readers.

Then watch for my next book to be released in 2019 – Depth of Duty.


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May God bless you,

Connie Lounsbury

Author, Connie Lounsbury

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