Cooking In Large Quantities

Cooking in Large Quantities

When I’m writing a book, I often don’t want to take the time to cook a meal. I want to make something quickly and easily. Therefore, I have learned to cook double batches when I am cooking so I can put one in the freezer for later. As long as I’m chopping half an onion, why not a whole onion for a double batch? Why not chop two cups of celery while I’m chopping? It sure is nice to have a casserole to pop into the oven when I don’t want to take the time to cook.

When freezing a casserole, I line my casserole dish with aluminum foil before filling it, leaving plenty of foil on each side to close the top securely. After I ‘ve frozen the casserole, I lift it out of the dish, making it sure it is completely wrapped, and store it in the freezer as a frozen chunk. That way I still have the use of my dish for other cooking.

When I want to use that casserole, I just unwrap it from the foil and pop it back into the same dish I froze it in and bake it. I freeze unbaked fresh fruit pie fillings like that, as well. My pans are not all in the freezer and, by peeling away the foil of the frozen hunk, the pie is ready to pop into a crust-lined pie pan when I want to bake it.

For more quick and easy meals, I make soups and chili in large quantities and freeze in plastic containers. It’s great to empty a frozen container into the crock pot before I sit down to my computer and have a meal ready whenever we want to eat.

By cooking like this I avoid buying pre-made foods yet still have the occasional quick and easy meal. It is healthier, less expensive, and simple.

Don’t we all want a simpler life?

Author, Connie Lounsbury

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