Fatal Flaws Now Available

Fatal Flaws – Now Available

“Award-winning author Connie Lounsbury expertly weaves nonfiction and fiction together in a story that will have the reader weeping in both sorrow and joy.”

When Irene’s husband abandons her and their children in the early 1920s she tries, in various ways, to earn an income to support her children. When circumstances make that impossible, her vulnerability is exposed for the world to see and the vultures descend upon her. The neighbor wants her baby; the banker wants her loan repaid; the doctor wants her farm; the judge wants her two little boys; and the town telegrapher just wants her.

Connie Lounsbury is an author, speaker, and ghostwriter. Her mission is to help others to be the best that they can be. As a mentor to many young writers she is a caring listener, a strong prayer warrior, and a sincere source of encouragement. She is the proud wife of her husband David, and matriarch of their four daughters and sons-in-law, eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

While Connie’s main career focus is on writing, both fiction and non-fiction, she is passionate about speaking to church groups on various inspirational topics. Her favorite topic is “How God Speaks to Ordinary People.”

Connie’s strong belief that everyone should write their story, leads her to use her talent to draw out the important stories of people’s lives and to write compelling books about them.

Biographies and memoirs have always held a special interest for her. As with the parables that Jesus told, it is often through story that we learn how to live out our lives.

Author, Connie Lounsbury

Connie’s motto is “Have Car, Will Travel”

Connie Lounsbury is available to speak on many subjects. Her talks are received with enthusiasm and warmth. Connie speaks across the country. Contact her to propose a topic for your conference, seminar or gathering, or to find out more about the topics below. She is a trained member of Toastmaster’s International.

Connie Lounsbury at Speaking Engagement

Connie Lounsbury at Speaking Engagement

Author, Connie Lounsbury

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