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A Hobo’s Wish

“If you like historical novels, you’re sure to love this one.”

After a tragic mistake during the Great Depression, Dr. Pete Walters becomes penniless, forced to ride the rails along with thousands of other unemployed men and women, surviving by trading labor for food, or asking for handouts. Will he find the trust and the love he doesn’t believe he deserves when he hops off the train at Kathleen Creek, Minnesota, or must he leave again when someone exposes his past?

Connie Lounsbury is the author of both fiction and non-fiction. While she enjoys using her imagination to weave stories people love to read, her special interest is in memoir writing. 

Connie strongly believes that everyone should write their story. This belief leads her to using her talent to draw out the important stories of people’s lives and to write compelling books about them.

Connie is a frequent contributor to Guideposts magazines and books, and specializes in ghostwriting

Do you want to write a book about your life but don’t have time? Connie Lounsbury has a special talent to write your story in a way that will have people recommending it to others as a great read. 

Author, Connie Lounsbury

Author, Connie Lounsbury

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